What Matters Most

Health First, a QualitiLife Solutions initiative, is a platform for delivering tangible and large healthcare benefits to consumers through numerous novel online and offline product and service offerings. Leveraging top-notch product development capabilities, Health First is an amalgamation of a deep understanding of consumer needs and their challenges in getting access to quality and affordable healthcare with our immense expertise in technology and new media.


Too often, in the hustle and bustle of our busier, more competitive and increasingly stressful lives, health takes a backseat. Undoubtedly, time, money, awareness and access (or lack of it) play a decisive role in this undesirable choice that many of us end up making.


With Health First, we offer a feature-rich product that promises and delivers numerous benefits, in terms of cost savings, access to exclusive offers and privileges, time savings and ease of health management.


This is an endeavour - as the name suggests - that we hope will catalyse a change in mindset that will put health at its rightful place - something that should be the first in our priority list. After all, health is.... what matters most!

Enabling Healthcare Providers to Deliver Greater Value for Consumers

As much as Health First is for consumers, it is also a platform for connecting providers of healthcare products and services with a rapidly growing consumer base that is increasingly knowledgeable and discerning. Greater consumer expectations and changing consumer preferences and tastes, which include a greater willingness and propensity to spend on quality products, present an interesting challenge and opportunity for providers. Acquiring mindshare in the minds of an increasingly brand-aware and brand conscious customer, whose perception of value delivered goes beyond a price differential, is more critical than ever. HealthFirst aims to offer healthcare providers the right channel to create this brand affinity and build customer loyalty.


We are confident that it will deliver a win-win connection for consumers and providers.