Ayurveda is Sanskrit for "science of life." It is a method for treating illnesses that combines herbs, changes to diet and other therapies, such as yoga to treat illnesses. Ayurveda approaches to healing were developed 5,000 years ago in India.


Ayurveda medicine includes the use of herbs such as winter cherry, boswellia and turmeric. Some Spices, such as ginger and saffron, are also used. Ayurveda and health care are now important aids to one’s life ,our endeavour is to connect you with some best known Ayurveda health care professionals and centres.

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'Ayur Care' is an authentic Ayurvedic consultation centre which aims to provide physical, mental and spiritual care and therapy for ailing as well as healthy individuals.
'Chikitsa' is the fruitful effort made by all the four folds of treatment namely the Physician, the drug, the attendant and Patient to bring out the normalcy of vitiated Condition.
Ayur Care has multiple centers across Pune located in the picturesque Western Ghats. Pune also known as the Oxford of the East owing to the large number of educational institutes that attract students across the globe.
Pune also know as a Pensioners Paradise is a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra.

Rejuvenation/Revitalization/Detoxification therapies for Joint Pain, Frozen Disc, Sciatica, Back pain, Slip Disc, Spondylitis, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Paralysis, Migraine, Sinusitis, Post Natal Care and weight reduction
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