Skin is a part of the body just as the liver, heart and kidneys are. When the flow of blood is hindered to the skin for any reason, the skin hardens, thickens and loses its normal appearance. As we grow older in years. The blood circulation to the skin is lessened and it loses its youthful appearance; its colour may change and wrinkles begin to form on its surface.

Cosmetics date to ancient Egypt when members of royalty used plant dyes to enhance their appearance. Cosmetics as an academic field of study are comparatively new. Modern cosmetology, which is the study of cosmetic and grooming services, encompasses haircutting along with waxing, facial, hand and nail treatments.

Hair care is important to a person's overall appearance. Hair is comprised of three layers: The outside layer is the cuticle, the second layer is the cortex, and at the center is the medulla. The cuticle is compromised of overlapped scales. When the hair is healthy the scales overlap tightly and reflect hair, giving it a beautiful shiny appearance. When hair becomes damaged the overlapping scales separate which can allow the hair to become dry.

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