Career Opportunities

Health First is an equal-opportunities employer, where ability, attitude and performance are the only differentiators amongst people. An early stage-start up, with a large vision and ambition, we are the perfect playground for talented and committed individuals to showcase their skills and grow with us.

We are always on the look-out for smart go-getters with a can-do attitude; fast learners with the willingness and courage to swim upstream; people with an appetite for risk and an insatiable hunger for success.


Currently, opportunities exist in product development and digital marketing/operations/Product development/ business development. If you are passionate about these areas with a track record of consistent achievement, get in touch with us immediately. E-mail your detailed resume to

10 Reasons for a Career with Health First

While you ponder your next career move, here are 10 good reasons why Health First may be the one your career was waiting for!

More Meaning
The best startups are built on the foundation of a strong purpose and vision; a raison d’etre that truly resonates. We believe Health First’s purpose of existence does precisely that.
More Influence
With a small team, you will have the power to influence key decisions. You’d love that, won’t you?
More Ownership
You might not be the founder, but you’re darn close. You are likely to have some equity (or stock options.) Not only do we give you a sense of ownership, you actually get ownership!
More Camaraderie
Startup teams naturally tend to gel beautifully. Doesn’t mean you’ll always get along, but a little Saving Private Ryan never hurt anyone.
More Variety
There wouldn’t be much pigeonholing at Health First; you’re going to see and do a lot of different things. Expanding your horizons pretty quickly is a price worth paying for being thrown out of your comfort zone, isn’t it?
More Learning
Like most start-ups, Health First is bound to offer you crash courses in business and life. We reckon you’ll learn more in 6 months with us than you will in 4 years at University.
More Connectivity
With a flat organization and zero bureaucracy (mind you, we will have formal reporting structures), everyone is closer to one another. Not only will you be well connected to your CEO, but also the network of customers, vendors, VCs, friends, etc. that surround us.
More Emotion
We assure you that working at a startup like ours isn’t a constant high; however, the intensity and the emotional charge you’ll get on a regular basis will be energizing and invigorating for those with a fire in their bellies!
More Future Success
If ever you feel the need for moving on to bigger and better things, we’re sure this experience will stand you in great stead. Whether it’s higher paying / more interesting jobs or starting your own company, your resume and personal story will be richer for having lived the startup experience.
More Fun
Startup employees have more fun. It’s just the way it is….and at Health First, we ensure we do have lots of fun. After all, having fun and enjoying what we do is an integral part of staying happy and healthy!