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Stammering can be overcome if the sufferer seeks scientific, professional guidance and is ready to work towards achieving speech fluency through regular practice of therapeutic techniques. It certainly cannot disappear by ingesting some magic potent!
Drink in moderation, do not smoke. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Get enough sleep at regular timings. Take things easy: Remember to take a regular vacation to de-stress yourself.Consult your doctor promptly if you feel unwell. It could make all the difference.
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I sat with Dr. Jayant Nimkar - Dermatologist at the Almoda clinic discussing the different types of Skin & Hair related issues faced by people today. On completing his MBBS Dr. Nimkar went on to do a Diploma in Dermatology and Venerology. He has been practicing for the past 40 years and has handled over 12000 cases including O.P.D. Dermato Surgery. He functions as Visiting Faculty to several Colleges and also acts as a Consultant to several well know Hospitals across the city of Pune. Needless to say he has a reputation that precedes him.
Interviewed by Stephen De Sousa, on 12-03-2011