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Your looks are the best version of yourself. See the number of gyms and health clubs, which are sprouting around and you will have an idea of the number of people who attest to this view.

At the last count, countless. The looks tell a part of your story that either attracts or repels. Favourable looks are a blessing. A health club (also known as a fitness club, fitness center, and commonly referred to as a gym) is a place which houses exercise equipment. Many of them would also have sports facilities like a squash court or a pool. Keeping fit now is a way of better life and surely to a large extent assures you of a healthier life.

Health Clubs today are using newer techniques and expertise to make sure that they are offering money’s worth to a discerning consumer like you. Fitness is no more just a looks factor but also a factor of confidence and thus success.

At Health first we give you way to take an informed decision on choosing a health club. You can now see what’s near you and also get a reasoning why you should go there.

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Endurance pioneered the Fitness Industry in Pune, in the year September 2000, with the aim of setting up International standard facilities and reaching out to diverse sections of society and encouraging people to make fitness and good health a priority. Our immense popularity has manifested itself in the large growth in our member base over the past decade. All our clubs are well equipped with world class facilities, top of the line fitness equipment ,luxurious spas with steam and massage rooms. But at Endurance our focal point is the members & not the facilities alone.
At Endurance , we welcome you to an unparalleled experience of Fitness and beyond

Spinning, Aerobics, Pilates, Kickboxing, Latin dancing and our very own and very popular Indian Bollywood dancing, Yoga and Pranayam.
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