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Slimming Centres though new as an offering is quickly catching on as way to lose weight – It helps you reduce obesity and also simultaneously develop a proportionate figure. Many of them have specific programmes guaranteeing weight loss and may also be medically supervised.

There may be some who are dedicated to a particular body part or a gender , but they all have a common goal – of a slim and a healthy you. It’s also a business type where new and many providers have come in assuring you absolute health care. Health First carries a most comprehensive list of the same , offering you adequate information to a right choice.!!

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Anjali Mukerjee's Health Total - an eminent name in the nutrition and wellness industry - has been rendering its services to people though various health programs for more than a decade now. A corporate founded in 1997 by the duo Dr. Anjali Mukerjee and Saurabh Mukerjee, Health Total has now spread its wings to include 15 centers in Mumbai today. And with its 'Packed Programs', the services of Health Total are never too far from anyone residing in any corner of the world. The goal of Health Total is very precise - to steer the society towards good health with nutritional management and lifestyle behavior modification.
Health Total provides a number of health solutions to its vast base of clients and some of the popular ones include weight loss program, weight gain program, detoxification, skin improvement, Diabetes management, Cholesterol management, Immunity booster to name a few.

Weight Loss, Weight gain, Diabetes, Detoxification, B.P. Management, Health & High Energy, Immunity Booster
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