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If you are a player in the fast growing healthcare and wellness sector in India, you should be a part of the Health First Network, the largest and only healthcare providers’ network of its kind in the country. Whether you run a polyclinic or a hospital offering general/ specialized healthcare, a wellness centre or spa, a gymnasium or fitness centre, a diagnostics lab, or a pharmacy - to name a few - your presence in this fast growing network will benefit you immensely.

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While the burgeoning demand in the health and wellness sector in India means the entry of more players, the increasing competition also makes it imperative for healthcare providers to differentiate themselves clearly in the minds of the consumer. Moreover, a growing economy and rising incomes means that Indian consumers are now more knowledgeable and discerning about the products and services they choose.

Factors such as rapidly rising healthcare costs and increasing need for both curative and preventive healthcare make consumers even more selective. And with the communications revolution that is upon us– both Internet and mobile telephony - consumers have access to information hitherto unavailable, enabling them to make informed decisions faster.
In a nutshell, despite the surging demand for quality healthcare, numerous other factors combine to almost create a buyer’s market, where the choice rests with the consumer. Therefore, service providers now have to create mindshare amongst a more aware and empowered consumer.
This is where Health First comes in. As a Health First Network partner, we provide you with a powerful platform to help you reach your target audience get greater exposure and create brand awareness.

• Get increased visibility
• Welcome more customer footfall
• Build greater customer loyalty

What’s more, you can join the Health First network, absolutely FREE! So, hurry and sign up to be a Health First Network member. Or, contact one of our relationship executives to get in touch with you to discuss the partnership opportunities in greater detail.